Mime Ministry

About Mime Ministry

Expressions of Praise Mime Ministry’s youths, ages 7 through 17 have an anointed spiritual platform where we creatively communicate God’s word and gospel music. We do this through exaggerated, nonverbal interpretative movements and expressions giving people a visual blessing from God. While bringing worship and praise songs to life, our ultimate goal is to usher believers and nonbelievers into the presence of God.

Get Involved

Our prep time on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in preparation for ministry on second Sundays for Youth Services as well as other ministry events consists of prayer, scriptures’ foundation, techniques and practical applications as we become immersed in the river of worship that has only ONE source and ONE purpose! For additional information, contact Rena Redic or Brittany Williams at puppet@calvarybaptistgln.org